Love Food Hate Waste -The 5w’s!!


If you are a community based organisation and have people who may benefit from learning new cooking skills with an aim to save money and become more creative in reducing their own food waste.


We are currently ‘recruiting’ groups for our Love Food Hate Waste campaign. Our courses are free and ask for a minimum of 4 to participate.  The courses are needs led and can be from training staff members to be able to cascade to their beneficiaries, how to reduce food waste, to running a cooking session with a group of people to teach how to save money by using leftovers. We are also looking for volunteers to join the cause!!!


… Because in Scotland alone we waste around 600,000 tonnes of food per year. A good example being the amound of bacon and bread we throw out yearly could provide every resident in Scotland with a bacon buttie once a week for the whole year. We aim to promote a message as wide as we can to help our communities reduce their household food waste.


Our community kitchen on Poynernook Road being the first option. However a functioning kitchen in a community location will be fine for us to come along and run LFHW groups.

When and How?

To discuss further please contact







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